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LikesAvalanche: Features

We've got everything you need! Generate unlimited Likes on your Facebook Campaign. This is not your usual Facebook Autoliker, this is the hybrid version. All of this because we love you!

Likes for Fanpages

Generate up to 50,000 of Free Likes per Fanpage in just a couple of days. Of course to avoid being caught and getting your fanpage banned we have to delay the generation of likes up to 3 days.

Likes for Videos

Get Likes on your Video posted within minutes. We will generate up to 5,000 of likes per video per 30 minutes and full campaign up to 3 hours without getting caught! Of course this is FREE.

Likes for Photos

Get up to 5,000 likes on per photo/album status by using this you can easily generate likes within minutes from time status has been published until 3 hours. And this is for FREE as well.

Likes for Status

Simpliest feature on LikesAvalanche getting likes on your Statuses. Get up to 5,000 Likes per status made usually we have 60%-80% success rate that is 3,000-4,000 likes per status made.

We will give you extra anonymonity for secured campaign and prevent you from getting terminated.

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“At first, I thought, nah this is just some fake sh*t again that will never worked! But I was damn wrong!”

Benjei Singh

LikesAvalanche User

“I was surprised when I tried it and its actually generating likes on the photo I test it out. My friends now asking how! LOL”

Wilson Robertson

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“What I was wondering was, Why did the creator made this for free? This is pure goldmine but its just FREE? Surely, thousands are abusing it already.!”

Andriana Alice

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“Simply amazing, this is all I could say, I am constantly using it up to now, I even charge with few $$$ from my friends. LOL! Thanks to all the creators.”


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